Turtle Pond – Central Park NY

Turtle Pond – Central Park New York 2019

I captured this shot when I was walking with my dad in Central Park back in 2019. It was a sunny day in September and the effects of Fall were starting to show themselves every now and then in chilly breezes. The tones of green in nature mesmerizing me and the shades and colors in Central Park New York sere a festival to my eyes.

While you’re walking on the park’s paths everybody goes silent around you every now and then. When it happens it feels like you’re on a new dimension and experiencing the 25th hour.

Around the edges of the park the city returns to its old rush. The sharp transition from nature to human construction is a unique sight to behold. The natural trance of green and blue fades away leaving a unique aftertaste in your soul when you’re walking into the long streets riding away from the park.

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