Meditation and Mindfulness

When I first started meditating I needed some time alone to revise my thoughts. I was in a hard situation where I had displeasing emotions very often. I needed a place to turn my mind to, a place where i can be vulnerable, where I can be one with my feelings, so that I could face with them and try to weaken the negative ones. I thought I had friends for this but it is hard for other people to really grasp what you’re going through. Even though they hear all the details, they may never be able to fully empathize with you, because they don’t know what you feel on the inside. Your mind is the ultimate place to find the peace of mind.

Meditation for me is an open act of self restoration and self preservation for both my physical and psychological being. When I’m meditating, the concentration is mainly on the wildest thoughts that come and go and I don’t try to empty my mind while I concentrate. I only observe it. As an observer I can be aware of many things that I’m not normally aware of during the day where im normally focused on future plans and occasionally past experiences. And many times I discover something new thanks to mindfulness. Something new about the way I had acted, the way I had felt, or the way I had thought.

After I do my duty as an observer,my mind sets free from its chains and I start to feel the present. I become aware of every centimeter of my body and how I’m feeling alive. Therefore I begin to live. I live because I can then feel and process the present. If I get drifted away too much into the future or I get too stuck in the past, I can miss the only thing I experience, it’s now.

Utilizing meditation has thus helped me control the temporal chaos in my mind. Meditation gave every thought time, thoughts that faded away afterwards. They faded away because I denied them power by letting them have their time in my mind, as refusals and ignorance only made thoughts and problems grow bigger and as Victor Hugo said ‘’Freedom begins where it ends ignorance.’’

Some thoughts that persist can be so potent, because the brain is a almighty magnifier. If you put in an idea in it, it becomes a thousand times stronger. If you remove a thought from it, it fades away inevitably. Utilize mindfulness to address your thoughts and be careful to promote positive thinking in yourself and give the negative ones their time. They both will fulfill their duties in your train of thoughts and leave you with a peace of mind.

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