24 February 2020: The day of Rosenmontag

I’ve been trying to be productive everyday since I’ve had my final exams.

The last important exam was 3 days ago and it was mathematics final. It didn’t go very well but i am determined to make up in the next finals. 2 weeks from now I have mechanical design exam, which i am currently not quite ready to take. I want to get a satisfying result from that one, so i need to study systematically and disciplined during these two weeks.

The most important one in this semester was the mechanics exam, and scored really good in that one, because I studied hard for almost 2 months prior to exam. I didn’t even take a trip home to see my family, and i decided it would be better to take the time to study hard, so when I return home I would be content in my final results. And I really am. I am thankful to my past-self for his struggle to keep working, even though it felt like an eternity solving every single problem in the books. I wish Ive done the same for the maths final. It could’ve been better.

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